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Timepay cash is a business solution from Timepay, a leading provider of electronic transactions for the travel industry.

It provides complete connectivity between your business and your customers to make transactions hassle free.

The global reach of Timepay allows you to transact in different currencies, at any time of the day or night.

The most common transactions made by Timepay include paying guests at hotels, while online shopping,

Receiving money transfer funds and booking tickets from various travel agencies.

The way in which the transactions are processed is very simple. You send an order to

Timepay through the company’s website and once your order has been confirmed your payment will be delivered to the recipient.

Your payment is also debited from your account every time a transaction is made. It is as easy as it sounds,

All you have to do is choose the money mode and enter the amount you wish to transfer,

once this has been done you will receive an icon confirming your transaction. The transaction is then processed and your money will be debited from your account immediately.

This payment solution is perfect for online and offline businesses alike, because of its direct and flexible payment interface,

The ease of use makes it simple for any business to integrate with.

Timepay has recently raised over $40 million in capital, in part from private investors and partners.

With a strong financial backing and a growing market place,

Timepay is set to grow and expand its range of services and products in the future,

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