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Tiktok people had migrated to the highlands of Thailand and established a settlement there.

They were a hard working and resourceful people and there values centered around their agricultural work and harvesting of wild plant life.

However, in their hearts they still held strong to their old traditions and beliefs and were not interested in changing those.

Therefore, I decided to focus on the Tiktok tribe of Thailand and their practices with respect to the religion of Buddhism.

While it is true that Buddhism has become one of the most popular religions throughout the world, there are still millions of people that follow a form of Buddhism other than Theravada.

For example, the Sikhs have a temple down in Pakistan, and that does not necessarily mean that they follow any Buddhist teachings.

Similarly, there are large Buddhist populations in India and China, both of which do not practice Buddhism.

Therefore, when someone mentions that the Buddhist faith is practiced in either the Philippines Thailand, or Malaysia,

what they are really saying is that a particular religious or spiritual group is the one that is practicing Buddhism in that particular country.

While there are many people that worship Buddha, the truth is that the original inhabitants of Thailand were Buddhist but practiced their traditional beliefs very differently from other people.

Some Buddhist monks became monks for political reasons, but they still kept their religious practices private. Theirs was a much different type of Buddhism that did not involve asceticism.

The truth is that there is a lot more to the teachings of Buddhism than just Buddhism in general.

A person that is truly a Buddhist should look into all of the Buddhist temples and monasteries throughout the country,


because they will find that there are many that actually honor their traditions, and believe in the value that they hold.

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