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Telegram is a speed messaging and security program. Pure instant messaging: Simple, fast, safe and synchronized on all your devices. More than 400 million active users. Fast:

Telegram is the fastest market messaging application of the market that connects people through distributed data centers around the world. Synchronized: Access your messages simultaneously from all your devices.

Start typing on your phone and finish messages on your tablet or laptop. Never lose your data. Unlimited: Media and files can be sent without type and size restriction.

All your chat history does not require disk space on your device and will be stored securely in the telegraph cloud during the time you need it. Sure: our mission is to easily provide the best possible security.

The chats, groups and media in Telegram are encrypted with 256-bit symmetric encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and Diffie-Hellman Safe DECLAND key exchange.

Powerful: You can create group chats for 200,000 members, share great videos, share any document (.docx, .mp3, .zip, etc.) and configure specific tasks. It is the perfect tool to organize online communities and integrate teamwork. Reliable:

Telegram is designed to deliver your messages in the least amount of bytes as possible, which makes it the most reliable messaging system ever created. It works even in weak cell connections. Fun:

Telegram has powerful photo editing tools and photos and an open platform of stickers / GIF to meet their explicit needs. Simple: Although we offer functions as before, we take care of keeping the interface clean.

Due to its minimalist design, Telegram is fluent and easy to use. 100% free and without advertisements: Telegraph is free and always free.

We do not sell ads or offer subscription rates. Privacy: We take your privacy seriously and we will never share your data with third parties.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegraph offers private chat. You can schedule secret chat messages to automatically be

Deleted from both participating devices. In this way, you can send all kinds of lost content: messages, photos, videos and even files.

Secret chats use end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read. We continue controlling what you can do with the news program.


Do not wait for many years to receive telegrams of high-level ambassadors, join the revolution today.

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