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Aired on Pakistani TV, Kurlus Usman, is a comedy about a young girl who moves to the United Arab Emirates (the UAE) and starts a modeling agency.

The funny thing is that she had been trying to break into the entertainment industry all her life, but in this episode, she does not succeed.

Kurulus osman Season 1 Urdu dubbing || Kurulus osman Urdu Dubbing mi kahan Dekhen

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She tries to enter a contest, but fails, and the judges are impressed with her determination. As the competition starts,she is determined to impress them with her skills.

Kurulus osman Episiode 1 urdu 

The producers of the show are glad to have her as they give her this role.

Kurlus Usman first appeared in Season 2, where she was serving as an extra in the reality show “The Voice.”

kurulus osma Episode 2 urdu 

She then became a regular in “Get Smart” and “New Girl on the Satellite.” Her first full-time role in a Hindi movie was in the movie “Killer Queen,”

And her second role was in the movie “Utsav” in which she played the same character.

She has since appeared in the TV series “Dad’s Army,” in which she played the mother of the lead characters.

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The first episode of Kurlus Usman season 1 is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who also helmed the films “Singh in King Kong” and “Chak De! India.”

The director decided to take on this project as a passion project because Usman has always been a fan of theatre and TV shows in the past.

The producers were also glad that she was available for the show, as they had no other choice but to cast her in the role of the mother in the TV show.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is well known for his elegant cinemas and classy storylines, and this project will no doubt deliver another great performance.

Look out for Kurlus Usman in different genres of films, both the family and adult, as she continues to be a popular star.

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