Cordless Vacuum Cleaners – More Powerful, More Versatile and More Efficient

Black and decker smart tech

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners is the new Smart Tech filter can be your best tool in keeping your carpets clean. The Smart Tech Filter Sensor is easy to install.

It has a light that flashes when the sensor senses that the filter is full.

The smart tech sensor senses when the filter gets clogged and has to be changed,aiding you to keep continuous cleaning performance with your vacuum.

The new Black & Decker 18V smart tech filter can be your best tool in keeping your carpets clean.

When you need to know more about this product, you can visit Hoover’s website for more information.

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Technology has gone beyond what our ancestors could have ever imagined.

Now, you can turn your everyday chores into opportunities for having a great time at home, work, school, or play.

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The Black & Decker brand of vacuum cleaners is known for its excellence in technology and its commitment to providing consumers with every possible conveniences.

Its innovative, smart technologies help to conserve energy and make it possible for consumers to keep their homes free from pet hair.

The company’s new filter cordless vacuum cleaners eliminates the need for a bag and makes it possible for you to remove the pet hair from the filter cord,

allowing you to simply vacuum up the hair and get rid of it from your home or work environment.

With this product on the market, you no longer need to invest in a separate vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair.

You can have your own portable vacuum that removes pet hair so that you can use your regular vacuum whenever you feel the need.

This year’s model of the Black and Decker smart tech charger comes with a new red light designed to improve on the traditional red lights that come on most of these cordless vacuums.

This advanced technology allows you to keep your entire cordless electric brush powered and ready to go when you are ready to clean.

The advanced red light starts flashing once the battery has reached twenty-one percent capacity,

allowing you to know that it is time to recharge your battery and stop using your vacuum.

No more worries about getting a fresh start because your battery is low on power.

Another upgrade for the Black and Decker smart 18v lithium battery is a larger, six-foot extension cord.

This cord is designed to handle both wet and dry vacuums, so you can easily double the cleaning performance of this unit.

The extension cord allows you to clean twice as far, which increases overall cleaning efficiency.

With the six-foot cord extension, you can easily clean two floors in a single session.

One feature you will definitely want to look for is the Smart Tech Charger.

This is an important feature for any electric vacuum because charging your battery gives it every possibility to perform its best.

The new charger gives your battery enough juice to start the motor and keep it charged during the cleaning session.

You can now safely and quickly recharge your battery, which means you will have no problem starting and finishing your session.Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The new battery allows your machine to pick up pet hair and dust more quickly, and it lasts up to ten hours on a full charge.

With less frustration and a faster cleanup time, you and your family can enjoy the benefits of a quick cleaner.

And when you are done, you don’t have to worry about your battery running down and dying out.

You can simply plug it back in and go to work.

These SmartTech accessories make cleaning your new cordless vacuums even easier and more enjoyable.

You can now get all the benefits of the SmartTech air filter, the SmartTech outlet, and the battery power surge protectors, all in one convenient model.

Check out the features and benefits that are available when you choose the new Black and Decker models of these handy machines. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

You will be glad you did.

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