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Benzir Income Support Program In July 200, the Pakistani government launched the Benazir Income Support Plan (PISP) ​​- the National Money Transfer Program (NCDP) – as Pakistan’s top security net initiative.

The BISP has achieved rapid food inflation for the first time, with food, grain and fuel prices rising in 30 years in 2008, and the global economic downturn in 2009 already affecting the health of vulnerable households. Benzir Income Support Program

Pakistan’s targeted unconditional money transfer project, the Benazir Income Support Plan (PISP), has been implemented to reduce the costs of poor women and focus on the negative effects of slow economic growth.

Benzir Income Support Program 2020

According to the World Bank (2015), social security net programs help reduce the global poverty gap by 15%.Benzir Income Support Program

In this context, the program has been created with the main goal of providing cushions against consumer decline and negative economic shocks,

including the global financial crisis and rising food prices, by poor households.

Long-term goals include meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for ultimate and long-term poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.

The project was established by an Act of Parliament and operates under the administrative assistance of the Prime Minister of BISP, while the President of Pakistan is the Chief Patron.

The aims and objectives of the project are as follows:

1. Improve the financial capacity of poor people and their dependents.Benzir Income Support Program

2. Formulation and implementation of comprehensive policies and central plans for the betterment of the poor and vulnerable.

3. Reduce poverty and promote equitable distribution of wealth, especially among low-income people.

To achieve the sub-goal of women empowerment, BISP provides assistance only through women.

Beneficiaries belong to the most disadvantaged, deprived, marginalized and weaker sections of the society and live in poverty.

Benzir Income Support Program For Poor People

Economic loss regardless of political affiliation, ethnic identity, geographical location and religious affiliation is the sole criterion for selecting BISP beneficiaries.

The federal capital is located in Islamabad and has 6 regional offices in the provincial capitals, AJK and GP. It has 33 regional offices and 385 tehsil offices across the country.

BISP has the largest database of the poorest households in Pakistan, which reveals the first and largest margins of the Poverty Survey.

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This information is used to plan development policies and programs for the poor and is shared with various international and national organizations for ethical research purposes.

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